After a decade working as an editor and project manager in the educational publishing industry, I decided that I was ready to strike out on my own. I have always been a writer*, and I am thrilled to run my own business around my word-wrangling skills.

I am, among other things, a traveler, a runner, a crazy dog lady, an Indiana native, a Northwestern University graduate, and a sponge for knowledge–especially for history, especially for urban history. My dog’s name is Toby. I talk about him a lot.

What’s with the business name? you ask. It has multiple meanings. Kali is a Hindu goddess, known for being especially ferocious. She is a favorite of the citizens of Calcutta, my family’s home base. “Kali” also means “ink” in Bengali, my family’s language. In a way, my company’s name is “Ink Ink.”

I may eventually incorporate to become “Ink Ink, Inc.”


Unimportant footnote

*I have always been a writer. For example, I wrote a 5-act play called “The Story of George” in the 6th grade. It was about a little man who lived in the AC vents of Ben Franklin Middle School’s 6th-grade honors English classroom. There was an entire back story behind that–don’t worry about it. Being a product of the early 90s, the play also skewered celebrities of the time, such as Kevin Costner and Christian Slater. This scathing satire was not schoolwork; I wrote it for fun. Due to its popularity among my classmates, I wrote a 3-act sequel titled “George Part II.” I was a weird child, but the plays hold up surprisingly well.